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  • How long does it take to get to Kimbe?
    Brisbane to Hoskins (Kimbe) 3 Hour Flight to Port Moresby + 1 Hour Flight to Hoskins (Same day travel) Cairns to Hoskins (Kimbe) 1.5 Hour Flight to Port Moresby + 1 Hour Flight to Hoskins (Same day travel) Brisbane to Hoskins (Kimbe) 3.5 Hour Flight to Port Moresby + 1 Hour Flight to Hoskins (Same day travel) Singapore to Hoskins (Kimbe) 6.5 Hour Flight to Port Moresby + 1 Hour Flight to Hoskins (Same day travel varies)
  • Do I need a visa to enter PNG?
    ALL TOURIST All visitors must get a visa BEFORE entering PNG. You can apply for all types of via's online via the link below and once submitted you should receive an email with your visa copy right away (applies to tourist visa's only). Cost is $50US How To Apply Complete the Online Application or Application for Entry Permit (Form 1); Pay the US$50* online lodgement fee (if applicable); and Provide a copy of your passports bio data page. *All MSF and online lodgement fees are levied in US Dollars and converted into Australian Dollars (using the published conversion rate) prior to finalisation of application registration. The total fees payable will be provided by the system prior entering payment details in the e-Visa portal or you will be advised by the ICA officer when submitting your application in person. If you require an address for the visa, please use: Liamo Reef Resort – Kimbe International Hotel Po Box - 94, Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea 0621 Office Mobile: +675 79570500 | +675 7947 0501 | +675 7391 1918 Fax: +675 983 4371 | Direct: +675 7072 5451 | Ext: 340 NOTE TO FILM CREWS You are required to obtain a special filming Visa. Please enquire with your nearest PNG consulate. Web contact for PNG consulate in Australia -
  • Save these contacts before you travel
    Should you have any problems whilst in Port Moresby or you miss your connecting flight please call: Riccard Reimann (Manager) (+675) 727 38 801 Liamo Reef Resort (+675) 7391 1918 or (+675) 983 4367 or (+675) 983 Tiana Reimann (Bookings & Marketing) (+675) 7364 6594 or (+61) 498 173 196|
  • What malaria medication should I take?
    Please visit your Doctor at least 6 weeks prior to your journey and they will recommend what medication is required. There is malaria in PNG. The doctor will most likely give you doxycycline as a preventive. Please note, when taking this medication you can be prone to sunburn. Sunscreen highly recommend.
  • How to check in domestic airport in Port Moresby
    INFORMATION - ARRIVING IN PORT MORESBY – TRANSFERING TO DOMESTIC AIRPORT Once you have collected your luggage and have gone through customs proceed to the INTERNATIONAL CHECK IN DESK to check in for your DOMESTIC FLIGHT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO DOMESTIC TERMINAL TO BOOK IN YOUR LUGGAGE. DO THIS VIA THE INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL. You will see a sign stating your check-in queue at International counter. Once you have checked in, exit out of the International Airport and turn right. Walk down the pathway to domestic terminal. (Only a few minute walk). Take the second entrance to domestic terminal and proceed through two security checks until you have reached the domestic lounge. IF RUNNING LATE – TALK TO THE GROUND STAFF TO GET SOME HELP. FLIGHT MAY LEAVE WITHOUT YOU IF YOU ARE LATE.
  • What happens if I miss my connecting flight?
    IN THE EVENT YOU MISS YOUR CONNECTING FLIGHT If you have an international Air Niugini ticket and you missed your flight due to Air Niugini’s fault, they will supply accommodation and meal in Port Moresby. (If travelling with Airlines PNG, Qantas, please check with the airlines on their conditions or go to customer service desk). Go QUICKLY (otherwise there may be a long wait to get your accommodation voucher) to the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK in either INTERNATIONAL or DOMESTIC TERMINAL to obtain an accommodation and meal voucher. If you can request hotel, ask for Airways, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn or Gateway. These are the best in town. A courtesy bus will be arranged for your accommodation.
  • What should I pack?
    CLOTHING & MEDICATION We recommended clothing as follows: 2 x long sleeve fishing shirts and pants if required. 3 x shorts 3 x T shirts 3 x underwear 1 x cap 1 pair of sandal’s or sandshoes 1 x rain jacket (optional) Sunscreen Insect repellent Malaria preventive medication
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Yes, if you are travelling overseas in general is a great idea to take out travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforseen circumstances. We do require all overseas visitors to have travel inusrance before their arrival. Travel Insurance is easily obtained online.
  • What electrical plug type does PNG use?
    We use the same electrical plugs as Australia. For Papua New Guinea the associated plug type is I, which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. Papua New Guinea operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.
  • Are laundry services provided?
    Laundry is done daily at Liamo. (Charges apply)
  • Is there phone reception?
    Yes, all around Liamo you can get coverage.
  • Is there Free Wi-Fi?
    Yes we do and it is available around the resort and in your rooms.
  • What facilities do you have?
    We have a variety of facilties for you to enjoy: - Swimming Poom - Gym - Tennis Court - Basketball Court - Volleyball Court - Children's Playground - Kayaking - Snorkelling Gear - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants
  • What type of food is available at Liamo?
    We have a wide menu range which includes Western and Asian cuisine. There is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    Our tap water is potable. You may purchase bottled water at the restaurant as well.
  • Do you have a gift shop?
    Yes we have a gift shop which includes a wide variety of PNG products!
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